Ksenya Kadrova. Artist

Без названия.jpg

I live in Saint-Petersburg, but my hometown is Izhevsk. I don’t have a traditional curriculum vitae; I don’t have the Higher Arts Education degree, and I didn’t even study at an art school. I used to worry about it. Now, it’s interesting to find something new — to search for it outside and within, and not simply learn what’s considered common.

I’m a graphic designer, graphics has always felt more comfortable to me than painting. I like its accuracy, ornamentation, and simple means of expression (in fact, even the most complex drawing consists of a dot, a line, and a plane). This opportunity to expand a drawing from the tiniest details was always attractive for me. That’s probably why the idea of repeating the same motif — some graphic unit — is so close to me. Just as matter consists of atoms and particles, the same patterns I see in nature, I see everywhere: A man consists of cells, just as a house is made of bricks; and rain – of drops.

I’ve been drawing for four years; it’s my main activity. I don’t have any specific goal. Sure, I’d like to make something serious and truly good and unique; however, it doesn’t depend entirely on me. That is, drawings come to my mind randomly and intuitively. I just know that I have no right not to draw them.

Translation: Olya Troynikova