My name is Sasha. I was born in Krivoy Rog and most of the time have lived in Kiev.

I bought my camera 5 years ago, but I’ve been taking photos seriously for just a year.

Once I bought a film camera, Zenit, hoping not to miss all the beauty my life’d bring to me. 

After 4 years I felt that what I saw through the lenses is like a meditation to me. 

I understood that to capture things which are ready for this is not enough for me more and I started to photograph people finding out that a person is the widest field for art. I try to see through people’s eyes, the living being itself.

For me, film photography has more potential to show inner energy than digital. I suppose that technical progress makes the essence of things far from us. It surround us with comfort of material pleasures and we start to forget that this world is temporary and, maybe, we’ll

loose everything already tomorrow. 

I don’t take pictures imitating earthly happiness, all my art is based on the transcendental sadness of his initial home. This sadness is not like suffering, but it’s beyond the duality of happiness and grief.

I want to advise everyone who starts his or her way as a photographer, not to forget that behind all living things there is more than a physical shell, and this can be shown if you distinguish these two things.